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Geliştirici: Jason Martineau
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Have you ever wanted to play the blues with your own jazz trio? Now you can do it - any time, anywhere. iJazz allows you to lead a piano, upright bass, and drum set, playing a blues progression in C, and independently orchestrate each instrument dynamically, using either a "rest" or "note" button. Then, you can toggle a solo instrument, either a saxophone, trumpet, or flute, and improvise your solo over the top. By gesturing the device in any of 6 directions (+/-x, +/-y, +/-z), using the built-in accelerometer, you can trigger notes from the blues scale. Additionally, with an octave switch, you can access another 6 notes an octave higher, allowing for 12 notes total. Learn how to manipulate and gesture the device to optimize your control of your solos, and play some jazz!